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Old Posts Angolmois King
The great King of Terror struck - if not from the skies over Yugoslavia/Chechnya in 1999 then in NYC on September 11, 2001. Now we await the arrival of the one who follows him: "the Great King of Angolmois." Who is he?
3 9 angolmois
Aug 14 2007
8:53:01 PM
by: mm2001
Old Posts Astronomical Datings
Nearly 10% of Nostradamus' prophecies are dated by planetary and stellar alignments, such as the "calamitous war under Cancer" dated June 21, 2002 by Dr. Christian Wollner. For what it's worth, that date occurred eight months after the beginning of the US-Nato war in Afghanistan in October 2001 (still in progress after all these years) and nine months before the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003 (after a temporary withdrawal, the US is back fighting ISIS in both Iraq and Syria).

The next time the conjunction in this horrific prophecy of a "calamitous war" came up again was July–August 2013 ... only three months before the Maidan Revolution and the Russian seizure of Crimea and the ongoing civil war in Ukraine, supported by Moscow, that has followed.

How accurate are the past and current experts about this dating and other datings by Nostradamus?
2 2 Jun 02 2004
05:06:24 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts Celestial Omens
Many of Nostradamus' prophecies are linked to the appearance of comets and lunar and solar eclipses. Some are obviously about asteroid collisions.

Johann Friede warned many people would die worldwide a short time after "the nebula of the Greater Bear will arrive in the vicinity of earth... and will fill the space of five hundred suns at the horizon. It will more and more cover up the light of the sun until the days will be like nights at full moon. The illumination will not come from the moon, but from Orion, which constellation, by the light of Jupiter, will send forth its rays on the Greater Bear and will dissolve its nebula with the force of light... Meantime, in the palaces of the Church they will await the arrival of the great comet."

Then there are the four blood moons that I have argued may represent the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (the first four seals opened in the Book of Revelation). The first seal, the Conqueror, obviously was about Putin and/or al-Baghdadi. The second may be about the opening of World War III that seems to be starting now, January and February 2015, in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Discuss the latest astronomical events in the light of Nostradamus, Friede, and other prophets, and in the Bible prophecies.
16 138 Games of Slaught...
Apr 24 2013
05:21:40 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts Chiren, Chyren, Chyren Selin
Is this figure future or historical? Some believe he is the next great liberator to come from out of the West - from the nation of France. Nostradamus also mentions "Gaul" as the place he comes from, which was both France and Belgium in Roman times. Thus, could this great king be King Philippe of Belgium?
4 63 Parisien Riots
Jul 12 2010
05:33:29 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts Great King of Terror
Was he Clinton/Nato or Putin/Russia in 1999 or was it Osama bin Laden two years late on September 11, 2001? Was Nostradamus off by two years, right on, or is he a grand failure?
8 74 Imran Kahn
May 12 2012
12:45:24 AM
by: mm2001
Old Posts How It Will End
What do you believe Nostradamus foresaw about the end of the world? Did he witness the Battle of Armageddon? Or did he fail to see that far ahead?
6 93 Global Warming??...
Dec 02 2009
04:04:07 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts Mabus and Alus
Who are these two men who appear linked to a coming global war?

Will a future "great comet," yet to appear, herald the death of Mabus and the deaths of millions of human beings and animals? Is Mabus an antichrist figure or a famous sacrificial victim like the assassinated Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose death ignited the First World War?

Is "Alus" Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose government's military has killed over 500,000 Syrians in a civil war that began in 2011? Or could it be an approximation of the dreaded ISIL (pronounced as ICE-UL by President Obama). Could he even be leading Iraqi Shi'a mullah Muqtada al-Sadr, one who has close ties to Iran, and has called for massive armed attacks against ISIS/ISIL? Could it even be a place, like the Ain al-Asad Air Base outside of Baghdad, currently under attack by ISIL forces?
8 41 On the eve of th...
Aug 16 2011
04:56:21 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts Nostradamus - General Topics
General topics regarding the prophecies of this famous French oracle. Breathe the smoke of the lamp!
25 123 Queen Elizabeth...
Jan 28 2011
06:30:20 AM
by: Conor
New Posts Planet Earth Strikes Back!
Discuss the prophet's many visions of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, super-hurricanes, great deluges, meteor/asteroid impacts, and the enigma of the "great new cities."

Did the French clairvoyant foresee the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan, killed thousands with a monster tsunami, causing fires and meltdowns at four nuclear power plants? Did he foresee the "great earthquake" that will shake the entire planet, obscuring the sun and moon, and forcing the world's leaders to hide underground as St John describes as the opening of the sixth seal in the Book of Revelation?
34 530 Earth Changes -...
Sep 13 2018
08:58:15 AM
by: Darkcomet
Old Posts The Androgyne
Who is this mysterious hermaphrodite, also called a man-woman and Nanar, who causes the heavens to weep as blood is shed by weapons of war and vexes Europe and the entire Universe by doing something catastrophic in the North? Could it really be ... Lady Gaga???
0 0    
Old Posts The Antichrist
Some say there are only three and the third one is already here or at hand. Are they right or are there more to come?
9 115 Here he is, appe...
Aug 04 2011
07:26:30 AM
by: Darkcomet
Old Posts The Blue Turban King vs The White Turban King
Only in three quatrains are we introduced to this figure who also appears to be linked to Persia (Iran), an inter-Arab and inter-Muslim war in the Middle East, and an invasion of France.

The only blue-turbaned leader today in the entire world is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India. Where is and who is the Iranian with the blue turban??? Also, who is his enemy to be, the one Nostradamus calls the "white turban," who will lose the war in the Middle East and be exiled to Turkey?
0 0    
Old Posts The Epistle to Henry II
Possibly the most important prophecies of Nostradamus are to be found in the long prose narrative of predictions that appeared in his dedicatory letter to King Henri II of France in the final edition of The Centuries, published in 1558, rather than in his 942 authenticated quatrains.

Who is the "great Dame" and her four famous royal children? What is the "great Empire of Antichrist" that will descend in an invasion of Europe from the Attila and Xerxes? Is this described invasion part of a Third or Fourth World War? What causes the Earth to lose its proper motion in October of a year not provided and plunge into darkness: Planet X? Is the "Dog and Dogam" actually "Gog and Magog"? Will Armageddon and the Second Coming really arrive as late as 2243 or 2827?
0 0 Jul 25 2001
05:31:53 AM 
Old Posts The New City and New Cities
Since the events of 9/11, it seems there can no longer be any doubt that NYC is at least one of the "New Cities." Still, there are many who disagree. What do you think?
3 56 New Orleans
Aug 30 2012
08:18:58 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts The Three Brothers
Some say they were the Kennedys: Jack, Bobby, and Ted. I disagree. I know who and what they are. How about you? Do you think they are men or nations?
2 19 The End of the K...
Aug 31 2009
04:23:37 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts World War III and Future Wars
Most people believe Nostradamus prophesied one last terrible "great war" to come. A few others, such as myself, believe there are several global wars to come after the third one. Is World War III at hand?
29 341 Russia Orders Tr...
Jun 18 2012
11:49:17 AM
by: pacino
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