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Collapse This Category 1.) Introductions    
Chill out and talk about whatever interests you. Share experiences. Etc.
63 621 Need movie disse...
Oct 28 2016
05:34:18 AM
by: mm2001
Check here for important updates regarding the forum!
7 33 DON'T WAIT FOR M...
Nov 12 2014
2:37:23 PM
by: mm2001
This forum gives you a chance to introduce yourself to other members and become familiar with posting procedures. Happy Posting!
49 348 Hello
Jan 27 2012
7:23:01 PM
by: mm2001
Collapse This Category 2) Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs    
Quite some time ago I predicted that a major stock market crash would take place in October 2008. The "Crash of '08" occurred on schedule as predicted. Also included in my prediction was a bleak forecast of a major depression and massive unemployment, billions of dollars being withdrawn from banking institutions, a festering banking crisis, mobs of angry US citizens trying to remove their savings by force, the failure of electronic transactions and ATMs, panic and lawlessness becoming global, leading to civil wars and revolutions.

The crash certainly did happen, and so did the economic misery and some degree of bank crises that followed. Anti-austerity protests in some European nations and the US since 2010 have led to rioting, looting, arson, and police brutality. But the more extreme events like US citizens going berserk at non-functioning ATMs and the general breakdown of society did not happen, thankfully. Thus, the bottom has yet to finally drop out from beneath us. The world's governments have found ways to avoid this temporarily, but money, credit, goods, and services will eventually run out ... perhaps after yet another stock market crash this spring or fall.

How much longer will we be able to hold on? Is there light at the end of the tunnel ... or only a dark abyss? Is the third blood moon coming this spring the third horseman of the Apocalypse, bringing with him famine, food scarcity, hunger, thirst, and economic depression?
3 68 economics and be...
Nov 30 2015
11:31:34 PM
by: jimmyk311
Nostradamus warns that North Africa, with the key aid of a Libyan leader, will conduct a terrifying war against Italy, the Mediterranean islands, and other parts of southern Europe. With the dreaded ISIS taking control of northern Libya and a recent ISIS attack in France, this scenario is beginning to look more and more likely. Also, the Libyan general at war with ISIS has the name of "Hifter." Could he be the one Nostradamus intended to be "Hister" and not Adolf Hitler?
1 12 Gadhafi Calls Fo...
Oct 23 2011
5:57:25 PM
by: halifax
A great Middle East war will lead to Muslim army attacks and invasions of portions of Europe, especially in the Balkans, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and Spain. Eventually the major military force will be spearheaded by Persia (Iran): a major feature of Nostradamus prophecy that is also found in the Old Testament Book of Daniel in his Chapters 8 and 11.

Is it possible that Iran will actually start out by being on the right side of history in the future war prophesied by Daniel? Will there be a joint US-Iranian war against ISIS? If so, what if the US loses its part in the entire Middle East conflict in the sands of Saudi Arabia? Might the Iranian war against ISIS somehow evolve into Iran forging an alliance with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Kurds of Turkey and Iraq and then turning against certain nations in Europe?
20 432 Tony Blair
Jul 28 2016
09:53:19 AM
by: Darkcomet
Babylon. Mesopotamia. The land between two rivers. The "War of Alus" has been in progress since 2011, escalating with the strengthening of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. Where will the war against ISIS/ISIL by the US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, and others eventually lead? Your views, prophecy-related or personal, are welcome.
9 102 ISIS
Jul 18 2014
05:41:09 AM
by: Conor
The worst fighting by Israel in nearly 30 years occurred in Lebanon in 2006 and again in Gaza in 2008-09 and 2014. Will Syria, now engaged in a civil war and a war with ISIS, also lash out against Israel in the next Gaza or Lebanon conflict, adding a new Arab-Israeli war to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq? Will Israel go to war against ISIS as well? How will Arab and non-Arab Muslim nations react to an Israeli war against either Syria or ISIS? Do Bible prophecies about great Middle East wars found in the Old Testament books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel relate to this conflict or Nostradamus' dreaded "War of Alus?"
22 244 ALERT: Turkey, I...
Nov 30 2011
01:31:56 AM
by: mm2001
Discuss the US-led war on terror, where it may lead, the policies of the past Bush Jr. and current Obama administrations, etc. Need not be restricted to prophecy only.
28 263 Syria War - the...
Dec 18 2015
01:38:09 AM
by: mm2001
One of the most dreaded events for America, Russia, and indeed the world, that could develop from a dangerous international crisis or a global war. There are many prophecies by the likes of Erna Stieglitz, A.A. Allen, Nostradamus, and many others, including dream visions by various everyday people, that seem to indicate this terrifying scenario may one day become a horrific reality.
1 9 Brinkmanship ove...
Aug 25 2014
2:58:52 PM
by: pacino
Since the revolution in Kiev and now the civil war threatening to consume Ukraine, we see the danger of insurrections and even war breaking out in Serbia, Kosovo, Moldova, Hungary, and other Balkans nations. Alois Irlmaier warned that during a great Middle East war, three Balkans leaders will be assassinated ... and when the third is killed in Hungary or Serbia, Russia will invade the Balkans and penetrate deep into Europe, igniting a third global war. According to the Seer of Waldviertel two limited conflicts, one involving Bulgaria and another in the former Yugoslavia, would precede World War III. How real is the threat of this scenario playing out in our time?
3 46 WW3? Large one a...
Dec 19 2016
6:35:01 PM
by: mm2001
In 2010, North Korea sank a South Korean naval vessel and attacked an inhabited island belonging to the South, killing and injuring many civilians. Threats of a military conflict by Pyongpyang, even nuclear war, against the US navy and the United States itself ensued as a result of these two blatant, bellicose acts of aggression.

Not as noticable, but very much in the news, were verbal threats by China too. The alliance between China and North Korea is an old one, going back to the Korean War of 1950-53. Will China use its little ally to start a major war in the Pacific over Taiwan or the Spratleys? Or will crazy Kim Jong Il and his evil Caligula-type son start a Second Korean War, knowing full well that China will ally with them as they did in 1951?
Mar 31 2014
8:04:36 PM
by: pacino
Old Posts When the Web Site is Down
When the web site is down, this is a good place to ask questions regarding potential updates, ask questions or make remarks about predictions I have made and other prophecies that appear on my site, and to post special announcements.
8 42 Illness in famil...
Oct 07 2008
03:24:49 AM
by: Conor
Expand This Category 3.) Nostradamus    
Collapse This Category 4.) Bible Prophecy and Marian Visions    
Old Posts Book of Revelation
General topics regarding this ultimate chapter of Holy Scripture.
10 81 Plagues and Dise...
Nov 04 2015
7:24:44 PM
by: mm2001
Old Posts General Topics
General discussion about various Bible and Aprocryphal prophecies.
20 127 Crop Circles - E...
Feb 10 2011
7:13:29 PM
by: halifax
Old Posts Gog, land of Magog
Is Russian leader Vladimir Putin, or a successor, the one named "Gog" who wars with, conquers, and turns Turkey into a principality of Russia as predicted in The Book of Ezekiel?
1 4 Valdimir
Mar 27 2008
06:48:15 AM
by: Darkcomet
Old Posts Jeremiah and the final King of Babylon
Is ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the final King of Babylon prophesied by Jeremiah? If so he will cause a great war in the Middle East resulting in the destruction of Damascus and many Syrian cities, the destruction of most of Jordan, the laying to waste of northern Israel, and ultimately the total destruction of Iraq by Western nations and Russia and a "Christian" occupation of Iran. Are we soon to be living in the time of his prophecy or is this for much farther in the future?
2 4 Bin Ladens son w...
Jan 17 2008
3:12:01 PM
by: Darkcomet
Old Posts Other Marian Prophecies
The Warning of Garabandal, the Chastisement, the Ball of Redemption, the terrifying vision of fire filling the sky, intense heat, and no working electricity worldwide, the Three Days of Darkness ... will they definitely happen or are they "conditional?"
4 36 Messages from Ou...
Apr 27 2010
8:21:14 PM
by: pacino
Old Posts The Beast and False Prophet
Who are these diabolical entities? When and where will they appear? Be prepared all ye who enter here.
4 12 Mark of the Beas...
Feb 04 2008
11:40:35 PM
by: mm2001
Old Posts The Burden of Damascus
The destruction and burning of Syrian cities during time of war is addressed by several Bible prophets. Is the time of fulfillment near?
1 32 Syria has begun...
Dec 12 2012
05:50:44 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts The Prophet Daniel
Possibly the most important prophet in the Old Testament. The time for some of his prophecies are nearly at hand...or are they?
0 0    
Old Posts The Third Secret of Fatima
Have we really been told the truth of this vision? Has it been fulfilled or not?
5 12 Prophecy Warns 2...
Mar 03 2010
03:47:15 AM
by: Conor
Old Posts The Whore of Babylon
A greatly-disputed character in the Book of Revelation. Is it a religion or a person ... or both? Could it really be ... Madonna??? Or is it ISIS and a future female figure associated with them? Could it even be a female president of the United States?
13 119 whore of babylon
Nov 04 2011
10:08:24 AM
by: Darkcomet
Collapse This Category 5.) St Malachy and the Papacy    
Old Posts Glory of the Olive
Supposedly the current Pope Benedict XVI, the one following the late Pope John Paul II (Labours of the Sun) according to Malachy.
9 168 Pope Benedict to...
Apr 02 2013
11:11:42 AM
by: jimmyk311
Old Posts Labours of the Sun
Supposedly the last pope, John Paul II, who died in April 2005 and is about to be declared a saint. How is this motto applicable?
6 51 Feb 12 2005
12:18:25 AM
by: mm2001
Old Posts Peter of Rome
The Pope who follows Glory of the Olive and supposedly the LAST ... but will he be? Was Malachy blind to future events after Glory of the Olive? Or was he blind to events after Peter of Rome? Why do Nostradamus and other prophets forsee a number of other popes in our future after Glory of the Olive, including a great French Pontiff?
3 22 Pope Francis bei...
Aug 23 2013
06:14:51 AM
by: Conor
Collapse This Category 6.) Other Prophets and Prophecies    
Old Posts Celebrity Predictions
Have the destinies of the stars truly been predicted by famous seers? Was Diana's or JFK Jr's death foreseen? Do you have a celebrity prediction of your own?
22 162 Celebrity News a...
Nov 30 2015
9:29:20 PM
by: jimmyk311
Old Posts Dreams and Visions
Discuss potential future events arrived at through lucid dreams, remote viewing, visions, and channeling.
55 327 World Peace Summ...
Sep 13 2011
12:20:49 PM
by: jimmyk311
Old Posts Edgar Cayce
America's sleeping prophet's specialty was the prediction of great earth changes. He predicted that Japan and Scandinavia would sink beneath the sea and that America would be fragmented and made much smaller by earthquakes and terrible floods. Has the time of his prophecies finally arrived?
10 102 japan disappears...
Mar 11 2011
04:34:36 AM
by: lisaw
Old Posts General Prophecy Discussion
Discuss anything of prophetic interest.
36 1030 The coming econo...
Dec 30 2013
11:55:57 AM
by: jimmyk311
Old Posts Islamic Prophecy
The hadeeths of Islam also contain prophecies that appear relevant to our times. The Sufyaani, the Mahdi, the Dajjal, war in the Byzantine Empire ... has their time truly arrived?
1 5 The appearance o...
Jan 09 2007
8:32:09 PM
by: halifax
Old Posts Jeane Dixon
She predicted the Kennedy assassination, the supposed birth of the Antichrist, and the Challenger Disaster. But there are still many predictions awaiting fulfillment.
0 0    
Old Posts Mayan and Hopi Prophecy
The Hopi Blue Star Kachina could be many things, but when it appears things will change drastically. The Hopi Indians also warn in their Rock Prophecy that after reaching a year of decision, a kind of vestibule, humanity may leave the straight and level path for a "jagged path" that spirals off into destruction and oblivion. Was 2008 the year of decision and are we now on that "jagged path?" The answer may be yes, but there is still hope for humanity to return to the lower spiritual path.

Meantime, the Mayan calendar will end on December 21, 2012 ... will civilisation end as well or enter into a new beginning?
6 51 December 21, 201...
Feb 02 2012
7:50:42 PM
by: pacino
Old Posts Nibiru, Planet X
The Sumerians called it the 12th Planet and the Planet of the Crossing. If certain experts on the subject are correct, Nibiru will begin a close passage of the Earth on December 21, 2012, destroying at least 3/4 of all life on our planet by the time its passage has completed.

Yet, if Mother Shipton and Nostradamus can be believed, this great celestial destroyer will pass Earth, not once, but twice ... and the second passage will be the real killer. In two related quatrains, Nostradamus even dates the second passage as beginning in February 2044 and ending in December 2044.
22 362 New Comet
Oct 29 2013
7:35:49 PM
by: jimmyk311
Old Posts Other Prophets
Alois Irlmaier, Cheiro, Ursula Southiel, Paracelsus, the Sybill, Merlin, the Brahan Seer, Johannes Trithemius, The Liber Vaticinationem, and anyone else you can think of!
22 91 French Psychic 1...
Jan 11 2012
10:54:54 PM
by: pacino
Old Posts Prophecy in the News
Post and discuss breaking news stories in the light of prophetic interpretation.
29 169 Riots, hoarding...
Dec 16 2009
3:19:47 PM
by: Rainbow Skull
Old Posts Systems of Divination
Discuss numerology, astrology, and other systems of divination.
7 31 The 9th year, th...
Sep 27 2007
12:54:27 AM
by: mm2001
Old Posts The End of the World
Well...when do YOU think it will all end?
7 29 Gulf Oil Spill
Jun 12 2010
1:05:22 PM
by: pacino
Collapse This Category 7.) Miscellaneous Stuff    
Old Posts Lots o' Laughs
Hey...we all know a few prophets and prophecies that didn't *quite* make it (or are unlikely to). This is the place to ruminate and reminisce about everything from the failed "Second Coming" prophecy of Montanus to the hysteria that preceded Y2K.
6 28 Robbie who?
Oct 17 2008
05:41:04 AM
by: Darkcomet
Old Posts The Poet and the Prophet
For the literary-minded. Some of the most compelling visions can be found in the works of William Butler Yeats, William Blake, H.G. Welles, and many others. Got a poem that sounds visionary or is about prophecy? Post it here!
0 0    
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