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 6.) Other Prophets and Prophecies
 Islamic Prophecy
 The appearance of the Mahdi
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Posted - Nov 03 2006 :  7:42:49 PM  Show Profile Send halifax a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Islamic Prophecy refers to the appearance of the Mahdi, Iran's President has referred to this in recent months, what do others think about this? Is the Iranian President using the prophecy out of context to suit his own requirements in word exchanges with the US or does this prophecy and timing have some merit? Apparently the Mahdi appears before the war (WWIII?). Have seen reference to this back in 2003 and now apparently the astrological timing occurred last year (2005) and this is the timing for the Mahdi to appear the following year (2006). Dont know much about Islamice Prophecy but worth raising here for discussion as I'm sure Mike and others have researched this somewhere before maybe.

Here is some reference (cut & pasted) to this -

"Our revolution's main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi"


Islamic tradition teaches that there will be a call from the sky at the beginning of The Day;

the announcement, the call from the sky will be a surprise to the world...this is what is meant by

"the light in the sky"

Iran is preparing for the day beforehand...between 2006 to 2007.

This is the appointed time for al-Mahdi to make his presence known to the world.

One Ramadan [with a double eclipse] has passed and some say the al-Mahdi has not come, but

according to Islamic tradition he IS here and will make his appearance known at the chosen time!

This time-period is known as The Occultation (Ghaibat ul-Kubra) of Imam al-Mahdi where the al-Mahdi is alive but invisible.

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Posted - Nov 26 2006 :  5:38:06 PM  Show Profile Send halifax a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This link might be of interest to some who are looking into Islamic Prophecy for different perspective -

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I know almost nothing about the Islamic angle but others on the forum might be more experienced to comment...
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Posted - Nov 26 2006 :  9:12:02 PM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
First, I should mention that past Arab leaders have laid claim to the title of "Mahdi," the last one being Muhammad Ahmad (1844-1885). He took the title "El Mahdi" and led the Arabs in a war against Sudan, conquered the capital Khartoum and overthrew the ruling Pasha. Many British troops were killed during this battle which was major news throughout Western European society which was closely monitoring reports of the war.

However, in Islamic prophecy there is only to be ONE who is truly destined to be called "al-Mahdi" ... he is a messianic Arab figure whose reign on earth will take place during a future period in Islamic prophecy that closely matches the Christian period of Tribulation (and a few years before), ie the very end of days. It matches because at the end Jesus Christ returns to earth from the heavens to help reign over the earth. The big difference is that in Islamic prophecy he co-rules with the Mahdi for several years until the Mahdi's death, playing second fiddle as it were, whereas in Christian prophecy there is no "Mahdi" at all (unless he appears under another guise such as "the king of the south") and Christ alone is King of Kings! That means talk of the al-Mahdi coming to power now is fruitless unless humanity is about to enter such a period.

Some of us who study Nostradamus know that he believed Armageddon would not arrive until the year 2242 (he allows an error of one year, which also makes 2243 the possible year). The prophet reveals this information in his Epistle to Henry II and in five seperate apocalyptic-sounding quatrains dated by the current grand lunar cycle (which began in 1889 and ends in 2243).

Of course, Nostradamus could be wrong ...

In any event, this "Mahdi" must fulfill a number of events in Islamic prophecy. If anyone claims the title and does not, he has taken the name falsely.

I have read the accounts of what is to happen shortly before the Mahdi's appearance (during the reign of an evil Arab figure called the Sufyaani) and during the Mahdi's reign. One VERY IMPORTANT thing to note in the entire collection of hadeeths pertaining to this period is that Persia (Iran) plays only a very small role. When the Sufyaani attacks Iran, the Afghans, accompanied by the Mahdi, will defeat his armies and force him into a tactical retreat. That is the ONLY role Iran has during the Islamic version of the end of days.

Yet, Ahmadinejad of Iran is attempting to do just the opposite! He claims it is Iran's duty to set up the conditions for the Mahdi's return, moreover, he claims to know who the Mahdi is and to be already working alongside with him. Nonsense! Not only doesn't Iran have a major role to play, the Iranian LEADER is not even mentioned in Islamic end times prophecy.

Ironically, it is only in the Bible, in ancient Hebrew prophecy, in the Book of Daniel, that we find that the King of Persia declares war against the Western world. This is an event that will usher in the "latter days" .. a final era of human history that is many years long and, too often, confused with the last seven years known as "The Tribulation." This is the role Ahmadinejad is setting up for himself ... and such a role has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Mahdi's return. Nothing whatsoever.

That is how we know Islamic end of days have not yet arrived. Iran, and its leader, have no prominent role in them.

Furthermore, if an Arab does arise and calls himself the al-Mahdi, he will be another poser, like the last Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad. For one thing this person does not seek or wish to have the title, he will not lay claim, he will be PROCLAIMED (almost against his will). So, if the rabbit Ahmadinejad plans on pulling out of his turban turns out to be Osama bin Laden, who is all too eager to claim the title, you will know he is false. Besides the Mahdi is NOT a terrorist, those "qualities" are to be found in his adversary, the Sufyaani.

However, if an Arab figure emerges and takes on the role of Mahdi, and the significance of Iran and Ahmadinejad diminishes to that of a minor supporting cast, watch out! Islamic end times prophecy has some features in common with Biblical end times prophecy, and that would mean we are indeed nearing the final seven years known as the Tribulation (and, thus, Nostradamus would be wrong about a 2242 Armageddon).

I would point out that the first major war in this final chapter of Islamic prophecy is in SUDAN (no wonder that the last "Mahdi" stormed Khartoum!). Out of this war will emerge the one called the Sufyaani, an Egyptian human monster who appears upon the world stage several years before the Mahdi, and this Sufyaani will take control of Syria and Iraq.

As we all know, there IS a war in Sudan threatening to spread to Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and Nigeria (some of which, like Somalia and Ethiopia, are already involved in seperate but related conflicts). Libya's Gadhafi is starting to position himself for intervention, and has warned the US and Europe to stay out. Sudan is also right next door to Egypt, the home of the prophesied Sufyaani.

Be that as it may, Sudan has been involved in wars before in the past. And as I demonstrated at the opening, one Arab figure calling himself the Mahdi tried to fulfill Islamic prophecy by leading an army against the British in Sudan (of course, the real Mahdi will NOT get involved in a Sudanese war, anyway, only the Sufyaani will). So we can still afford to be sceptical of Islamic end times prophecy being fulfilled in our time, for now at least.

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Nov 27 2006 :  4:05:31 PM  Show Profile Send halifax a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Well Mike - I think your response has clarified this whole business about the Mahdi in relation to the current Iranian President. You have more or less confirmed what we already thought, that Ahmadinejad
is hell bent on confrontation with US/Israel and is pulling out various 'comments' to further his cause. He is a major problem and a nasty piece of work that will not rest until he has his much wanted conflict with his 'enemies'. I guess twisting prophecies from his own religion to suit his own needs is just another way of justifiying to the masses his way of thinking.
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Posted - Jan 09 2007 :  8:32:09 PM  Show Profile Send halifax a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Interesting article worth a look. Written by Peter Wehner who is deputy assistant to the president and director of the White House's Office of Strategic Initiatives.

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