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 2) Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs
 ALERT: Turkey, Iran War Versus Israel in 1-2 Weeks
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Posted - Jun 08 2010 :  10:51:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit pacino's Homepage Send pacino a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Iran's Military Navy Escorting the Gaza Freedom Flotilla II Turkey Ships- Ready for Clash with Israel - Ahmadinejad

Source: You must be logged in to see this link.

An Iranian sea convoy will back up the Turkish campaign to break Israel's blockade of Gaza.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assured Turkish leaders whom he met in Istanbul Tuesday, Jan. 8 that the vessels due to enter the disputed waters within days will not shrink from a head-on clash with Israel's Navy and Air Force exclusion forces. "We'll breach the Gaza blockade," the Iranian president vowed. The Iranian Red Crescent vessels will carry "volunteer marines" of the Revolutionary Guards "who will teach the Israelis a lesson."
Tehran's "humanitarian convoy" for Gaza will consist of three Iranian vessels flying Red Crescent flags.

debkafile's intelligence sources report that he promised Turkish leaders to attach Iranian warships and submarines to the Red Crescent ships for their voyage through the Red Sea, the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean. For some months, one or two Iranian submarines have been deployed in the Mediterranean using Syrian naval port facilities.

The showdown between Turkey and Israel, said Ahmadinejad, "will change many issues in the world and mark the final countdown for Israel's existence. It shows that it has no room in the region and no one is ready to live alongside it."

British Foreign Secretary William Hague condemned Iran’s plan to send aid boats to Gaza, warning that the move would deliberately aggravate an already tense situation. “It is not helpful, and probably it is not designed to be helpful, he said.
Russian Prime Pinister Vladimir Putin, for his part, promised to join Ankara in bringing the Israeli attack on the Turkish flotilla before the United Nations.
The Iranian and Turkish leaders meeting in Istanbul Monday and Tuesday finalized a plan to synchronize the flotilla's approach to Gaza's shores with the UN Security Council vote on sanctions against Iran, whereupon Turkey, Brazil and Lebanon, who are SC members, will halt the procedure and turn the session around to the unfolding sea battle between Iran and Israel. The sanctions vote will be buried by the sounds of war.
Monday, June 7, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted "Iran would pull some stunt in the next couple of days" to divert attention from the unity within the Security Council.
According to our sources, the Iranian convoy will consist of a cargo ship loaded with food and other essentials, medicines and building materials; the second will carry the "volunteer" marines; and the third will be a floating hospital to be anchored permanently in Egyptian Mediterranean territorial waters opposite the divided Gaza-Egyptian town of Rafah. Small boats will ferry patients between Gaza and the hospital ship.

Tehran calculates that the Israeli navy will not attack boats carrying sick people and will be constrained from venturing into Egyptian territorial waters to hit the floating hospital. By this means, Tehran will dismantle Israel's sea blockade while also gaining a military presence off the shores of Gaza.

AS details of this scheme are drawn up in Istanbul, Israeli leaders are spending hour of hour, day after day, quibbling over the format of an inquiry commission for studying the legal aspects of the hapless commando raid they ordered against the Mavi Marmara on May 31.
Have they formed any plans for countering the Iranian-Turkish scheme to drive Tehran's flotilla through the Gaza blockade? And if so, where will the interception take place? On the Red Sea, where the Iranian Navy has a large presence, at the entrance to the Gulf of Suez or close to Gaza?
An Israel operation against Iranian vessels on any of these sea lanes would pose formidable difficulties.

Welcome to the countdown to World War III:

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Mountain View

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Posted - Nov 19 2011 :  11:54:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit pacino's Homepage Send pacino a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Looks like the cards of World War III are being played right now.

2012 might be very well the start of the biggest ME tribulation as prophecized! As quoted, "Syria is the key of World War III". So far it seems that Syria, Iran, Lebanon and maybe Egypt (with Russia) will go to WAR against Israel, Turkey (with the US).

Russia is not happy at all from the decision that NATO made, and esp. the ones against Lybia and of course it is against how the UN Counsil keeps Israel protected. As far as I remember Mike prophecized that Russia will ditch and have a war of words on TV against the US and the EU, thats when probably Russia will start invading Europe (as prophecized).. precisely when the EU economy's has collapsed after Italy has fallen/failed! Then a revolution will start in the Vatican and the pope will be fleeing... its very possible that all that occurs in 2012 i believe.

Now here is another thing, according to the Architect of JAPAN's FUKUSHIMA Reactor 3, there is a big warning of massive hydrovolcanic explosion that IF IT OCCURS, will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will be caused.

Russia sends Warships to Syrian Waters

Source: You must be logged in to see this link.

Russian warships are due to arrive at Syrian territorial waters, a Syrian news agency said on Thursday, indicating that the move represented a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country's civil unrest.

Also on Friday, a Syrian official said Damascus has agreed "in principle" to allow an Arab League observer mission into the country.

But the official said Friday that Syria was still studying the details. The official asked not to be named because the issue is so sensitive.

The Arab League suspended Syria earlier this week over its deadly crackdown on an eight-month-old uprising. The 22-member body has proposed sending hundreds of observers to the country to try to help end the bloodshed.

The report came a day after a draft resolution backed by Arab and European countries and the United States was submitted to the United Nations General Assembly, seeking to condemn human rights violations in the on-going violence in Syria.

Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia were among Arab states that joined Germany, Britain, and France to sponsor the draft submitted to the assembly's human rights committee. In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the U.S. would sign on as a co-sponsor of the resolution.

The draft demanded an end to violence, respect of human rights and implementation by Damascus of a plan of action of the Arab League.

The move comes as clashes escalated in Syria and after Russia and China used their veto in October to block a Security Council resolution that would have condemned the Syrian government of President Bashir for the violence.

Such a veto is not applicable in the 193-nation assembly, which will consider the issue after the human rights committee reports back to it.

The UN says more than 3,500 people have been killed since unrest erupted in spring against Assad.

Welcome to the countdown to World War III:

You must be logged in to see this link. (Back online with 99% of uptime!!)
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Posted - Nov 21 2011 :  07:02:42 AM  Show Profile Send Conor a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I feel sick when I read this.
Israel is bringing its own destruction down upon its head with the way it treats Gaza and the Palestinian People.

While I firmly believe that Israel has a right to its existence, the fact that it is attempting to exterminate the Palestinian people is sickening, immoral and just plain wrong.

I am not surprised that Iran is using this to provoke an attack on Israel, Iran doesnt care about Palestine, all it cares about is the destruction of Israel.

Well I fear it is going to happen very soon indeed.
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Forum Admin

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Posted - Nov 21 2011 :  08:36:28 AM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Israel is prepared to take out any nation in the Middle East and then some with its Jericho-3 nuclear-armed missiles ... as far away as Pakistan, Russia, and China ...

Let us not forget the dreaded "Samson Option" which is a rumoured part of Israel's strategic planning. If a conflict with Israel ever goes nuclear, Israel will ignite a global nuclear war by attacking powerful nations that have large nuclear arsenals with nuclear missiles of its own. The nation of Israel would cease to exist, but they would pull the entire world down the toilet along with them in a matter of a few days:

Report: Israel’s secret long-range nuke missile could reach any Mideast target

Special to
Thursday, November 10th, 2011

WASHINGTON — Israel is suspected of producing a nuclear missile that could strike Russia, a report said.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies asserted that Israel has produced several missiles designed to contain nuclear warheads. In a report, the center said the latest missile was believed to have a range of 7,800 kilometers.

The Israeli Jericho-3 missile is said to have a range of 7,800 kilometers. /Yediot

“This could hit any target in the Middle East and targets as far away as Pakistan and Russia,” the report, titled “Iran’s Strategic Competition with the U.S. and Arab States — Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Capabilities,” said.

The Israeli missile was identified as Jericho-3, the latest of the nation’s long-range missiles. The report, authored by Anthony Cordesman, Abdullah Toukan and Alexander Wilner, said Jericho, a three-stage solid-fuel missile, was believed to have entered service as late as 2008 ...

More at You must be logged in to see this link.

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Nov 21 2011 :  10:08:53 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
You must be logged in to see this link.

This excellent article by people who are in a position to know - makes the point that - the wars being mooted now have zero to do with nuclear arms.

Iran's had 6 nuclear warheads with the ability to deliver them since 2006.

If Iran intended to attack Israel - with a nuclear warhead - it could have wiped Israel off the face of the planet anytime in the last 6 years.

Sure there would have been a retaliation in equal kind from all quarters, but the reality is that the same staus quo exists right now.

MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) has worked and kept the fingers off the triggers up to now for all parties including Nth Korea and China, US, Russia, India, Pakistan, Israel even etc.

Whats changed?

Why are the war hawks promoting war with Iran now?

Most likely it has to do with Irans Oil Bourse!

Irans sending America broke - day by day - the nations that USA has upset over the years are trading oil not in US dollars and not thru US stock markets.

This has and is weakening the US dollar as the unit of monetary exchange.

Without changing this situation - The USA is doomed. It will collapse fiscally, if something doesn't change soon.

The attack on Iran is about altering world oil geopolitics, getting Iran to shut the straights of hormuz, sending the price of oil thru the roof, and altering who controls the sale of oil in the world.

Bush started all this with 9/11 and it was because no politician in the USA can get re - elected unless oils a buck a gallon (or their economy crashes) and the OPEC nations were setting the price for Texas sweet crude, something that in the past the USA determined.

The world oil geopolitics map is being re written.

War is how that will be accomplished.

It has to happen, there is no other way.

The thing is - every country affected and basically that's all of us - is trying to maneuver it so that one of their proxy nations does all the fighting and sacrificing.

Israel is the tail wagging the US dog.

It appears they will get their Iran War, and that the USA will again willingly sacrifice its goyim sons and daughters for the greater good of Israel.

You must be logged in to see this link.

If you believe the rhetoric, Iran's been developing the bomb since 1984 - some 25 years already!

If Iran wanted to bomb Israel and wipe them off the map - they'd have done it long before now.

Mark my words when I say that the attack against Iran when it comes - one of the FIRST targets hit will be the Iranian Oil Bourse.

The US cannot compete in a world where they do not control all the energy and their dollar is pegged to oil.

They are on a hiding to nothing, and whatever happens it cannot end well for the USA the way it is shaping up now.

Maybe its a lesson well past due to be learned by the USA?

I'm hazarding a guess that future generations will not remember this generation well after USA suffers its first nuclear holocaust, brought about by the Texas based corporate oil oligarchy that rules the nation and is trying to rule the world.

The other nations of the world have had a gutful of being screwed over by the USA in energy terms and are taking stands that are hurting the USA fiscally.

The ONLY answer the USA has is military.

Thus the outcome should be obvious to all.

Another world war.

I wonder who (which nations) will carve up the USA after the stoush is over?

Then again maybe no one will want it if it glows in the dark and isn't fit to live in.

Just look at whats happened to Japan, after their nuclear meltdowns and imagine that nationwide across the USA and multiplied a thousandfold.

Instead of 250 Million - the land mass of the USA after the nuclear exchanges might be lucky to support 10% of its existing population.

Many other nations will likely support far less or maybe be uninhabitable.

Pretty high stakes game in play here.

Someone I knew (a Lt Col) who's retired now, was a pentagon war games planner, and used to run computer simulations of nuclear exchanges to see who would "win".

His conclusion was that no matter which way you model it or who starts it - in nuclear war - there are no winners!

That's whats kept the fingers off the red buttons all these years.

It seems that the planners now days must have some idea of a way to run this where someone wins.

The whole games changed with micro and tactical theater based weapons.

Someone somewhere thinks they have a edge.

Could just be they are mistaken.

I'm tipping that next year we find out one way or the other.

It could be as close as weeks away.

We wait n see I guess.
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Posted - Nov 23 2011 :  11:05:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit pacino's Homepage Send pacino a Private Message  Reply with Quote
We are starting to get the build up in the ME for World War III as we all know by now.

It seems Russia has upped its influence in the ME a lot now as well on Europe.

Russian warships off Syria, US carriers near Iran
You must be logged in to see this link.

Washington is underscoring its military option against Iran's nuclear program, while Russia is demonstrating its resolve to prevent NATO attacking Syria after Libya and defending Bashar Assad's regime. Monday, Nov. 21,
Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov accused Western nations of "political provocation" by urging the Syrian opposition to refuse to negotiate a settlement with Assad.

military sources note that Russia and America adopted aggressive postures on Nov. 12, when two American carriers, the USS Bush and USS Stennis sailed through the Strait of Hormuz side by side and took up position opposite the Iranian coast.That was also the day when a mysterious explosion at the Revolutionary Guards base near Tehran wiped out the entire leadership of Iran's ballistic missile program.
Five days later, on Nov. 17, the Syrian news agency reported three Russian naval vessels on the Mediterranean were heading toward Syria.
Monday, Nov. 21, presidential sources in Damascus announced three warships had entered Syrian territorial waters outside Tartus port.
Those sources stressed the Russian ships would not anchor in the Syrian port, indicating that their mission was not just to show the flag for the Assad regime but was on operational duty along its coasts to resist any foreign intervention in Syria unrest.

While Moscow and Damascus kept the identity of the Russian warships dark, Arab sources said at least two of them are equipped for gathering intelligence and electronic warfare.
As the Russian warships entered Syrian territorial waters, Canadian Defense Minister Peter McKay announced that in the light of the Syrian crisis, the Royal Canadian Navy would keep back in the Mediterranean until the end of 2012 certain vessels which took part in the Libyan campaign.DEBKAfile's military sources report he was referring to two frigates:
HMCS Vancouver will stay in the Mediterranean Sea until early next year," he said, taking part in "locating, tracking, reporting (and) boarding vessels of interest suspected of international terrorism." It would be relieved by HMCS Charlottetown until the end of 2012.
Defense Minister Mckay explained: "…a lot of dictators are on notice that this type of behavior isn't going to be tolerated. How we go about it and what comes next is done on… an escalating scale before making any final decisions about intervention."
The Canadian defense minister was the first prominent Western official to admit the possibility of Western military intervention in Syria.

Russia issues threats on US missile shield
You must be logged in to see this link.

If the West Attacks Iran, It Could Lead to World War III
You must be logged in to see this link.

Welcome to the countdown to World War III:

You must be logged in to see this link. (Back online with 99% of uptime!!)

Edited by - pacino on Nov 23 2011 11:10:49 PM
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Posted - Nov 29 2011 :  10:57:40 PM  Show Profile  Visit pacino's Homepage Send pacino a Private Message  Reply with Quote
The Russian Bear Is Back, The Soviet Union Is Being Revived And The Cold War Is Not Over

If you believe that the United States is the "sole superpower" in the world, then you really need to read the rest of this article. Most Americans have very little idea what is actually going on in the rest of the world and how the global balance of power is shifting. For example, can you name the country that is the number one oil producer in the world, the number one oil exporter in the world, the number one exporter of natural gas in the world and that also has the second most powerful military in the entire world? In case you need a hint, it is not Saudi Arabia, it is not China and it is not the United States. The correct answer is Russia. The Russian Bear is back in a big way. Did you know that Russia is rapidly becoming one of the top suppliers of oil to the United States? Russia has vast natural resources, a national debt that is very low (ratio of publicly held debt to GDP is less than 10%) and an economy that has boomed over the past decade. Russia is busy flexing its muscles in many different ways. For example, many are pointing out that the "Eurasian economic union" that Russia is putting together is a significant move in the direction of a revival of the Soviet Union. Russia is also rapidly modernizing its military and developing very powerful new weapons systems. Most Americans believe that the Cold War is over and that Russia is a toothless bear that no longer represents a threat. It is difficult to find words to describe how wrong that assessment of the situation is.

Continued: You must be logged in to see this link.

Welcome to the countdown to World War III:

You must be logged in to see this link. (Back online with 99% of uptime!!)
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Posted - Nov 30 2011 :  01:31:56 AM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Russia will one day be the greatest danger of any major power to the entire world ... not only to the United States (which shall be totally destroyed with few if any survivors). China will also be a great threat to the Pacific nations, but Russia's reach is and will be global.

It is true that Erna Stieglitz foresaw a "nuclear duel" between Russia and the United States that turns into "total" nuclear war, this happening after Russian forces are forced to retreat from Western Europe due to a weapon like a radioactive "yellow wall" (Alois Irlmaier's "deadly yellow dust?"). But those who are NOT American (ie, European) should NOT breathe a sigh of relief, thinking Russia will not strike them with nuclear weapons too.

Prophecy is full of references to nuclear attacks inside of Europe from Russia and "the East." The Sybill of Prague saw a nuclear fireball over the city of Prague:

"Yellow dust clouds and poisonous Dusts will take the Breath of Man and Animal. In the City there is Fire everywhere. The Earth moves, deep Crevices open and draw into them the Dead and the Living. The Cemeteries open themselves and the Skeletons laugh a gruesome laugh. Everything sinks into the black depths.

"From Vysehrad comes a Fireball, Blunders fly through the Air and everywhere there is screaming, and a Fire Ocean. Everything that was the result of Men, lies in Disarray and Ashes. Life is wiped out. I only see pieces and Skeletons. Slowly the Clouds move away. There, where the Dome once stood, I see only a bloody Fireball. It is over, Prague, your destiny has fulfilled itself."

The Monk of Premol ~

"Individuals and nations rise against each other. Wars! Wars! Civil wars, foreign wars! What terrifying clashes! Everything is dead or in mourning; and famine stalks the earth. The general revolution has followed. In these future happenings will Paris be destroyed? Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Save yourself from the fire of Sodom and Gomorrah, and from the sack of Babylon. Why, Lord, do you not stop all this with Your Arm? Is the fury of men not enough without flaming ruin? Must the elements also serve as an instrument of thine wrath? Stop, O Lord, stop! Thy cities are already crumbling by themselves. The elements are set loose. Cities are destroyed by fire. Mercy, pardon for Zion! But thou are deaf to our cries, and the mountain of Zion comes crumbling down with a deafening roar! The Cross of Christ now surmounts only a heap of ruins."

This seems to be not only about a nuclear attack, but radiation sickness for the survivors:

Josef Stockert (1947)

"The bohemian forest will one day be burned like a straw barn. Don't run away when the gray birds (missiles? fighter jets? bombers?) are flying. If you see this, know that the end is near and it has already begun. It will then be like one hundred years ago. So much the people are thrown back and with this they will be punished for their wantonness.

"You have the meal in front of you and are not allowed to eat it, because it brings you death; and you have the water and may not drink it, because it would also mean your death. From the Osser (mountain at the Bavarian-Bohemian boundary) there will still be a water source -- there you can drink. The air corrodes into the skin like a poison. Put on all the clothing you have and don't even let the tip of your nose remain uncovered. Place yourself into a hole and wait till it is all over. It will not last long. Or look for a cave in the mountains. When you loose your hair it has gotten you. Take a Kronwittbirl (Juniper fruit) into the mouth. This will help. And don't drink milk for (at least) eight weeks."

The Seer of Waldviertel clearly states that there will be huge nuclear explosions in the Adriatic Sea. Nostradamus describes nuclear attacks in the Black Sea, cities in Italy and Sardinia, France, and against the "new city."

The following two quatrains are general descriptions of a nuclear holocaust:

Quatrain 2.91

At sunrise a great fire will be seen,
Noise and light extending towards the North:
Within the circle death and cries are heard,
Through weapon, fire, hunger, death are attendants.

Quatrain 2.92

Fire the colour of gold from the sky on earth seen,
Struck by the high born, a marvelous event:
Great murder of humanity, the great nephew imprisoned,
Death to the spectators while the proud one escapes.

These are nuclear attacks in Marseilles and southern France:

Quatrain 5.8

There will be unleashed living fire, death hidden,
Within the Globe horrible and dreadful,
By night the fleet reduces the city to powder,
The city to fire, favorable to the enemy.

Quatrain 8.2

Condom and Auch and around Mirande
I see fire from the sky which encompasses them.
Sun, Mars conjoined in Leo, then at Marmande
Lightning, great hail, a wall falls into the Garonne.


The incendiary by his own fire trapped,
Fire from the sky at Carcassonne and Comminges:
Foix, Auch, Mazeres, the important old one escaped,
By those of Hesse, of Saxony, and Thuringia.

Here is an ancient prophecy about hot winds plaguing Gaul (France) during a third (world) war and what may well be a temporary stopping of the earth's rotation by Planet X:

Liber Vaticinationem Quodem Instinctumentis (346 A.D.)

Norma 63:7 —

For the third [war], the earth shakes,
The throat of the Gaul [France] is ravaged.
Many die fleeing from the awful winds
When the sun halts in its path in the heaven.

The "awful winds" are repeated here as a "hot wind":

Quatrain 4.67

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long trajectory:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars, incursions.

I suppose an entire chapter could be devoted to nuclear war in prophecy, and many of the prophecies would concern Europe as well as the United States.

When Russia and Iran (Persia) ... and their allies ... bring World War III out of the Middle East into Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific nations (including North America), billions will die worldwide not long afterwards. This is the move no one wants to see ... it is the move that will mean the deaths of most of us ...

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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