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 3.) Nostradamus
 Great King of Terror
 Imran Kahn
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Posted - Dec 28 2011 :  3:08:49 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Come 1999, seven(th) months
Of the sky will come (a) King of terror
Resuscitate the big (great) king of Mongol(ia)
Before and after Mars (Wars) reign with good fortune (luck)

I noticed that Imran Kahn has recently nominated himself for the presidency of Pakistan?


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Imran’s tsunami sweeps Karachi

KARACHI - Imran Khan’s tsunami after conquering Lahore swept through Karachi on Sunday, where tens of thousands of people assembled at the call of the PTI leader who unfolded his future plans to cleanse the country from rampant corruption and to make it an Islamic social welfare state.

Addressing the mammoth PTI flag-waving near mausoleum of Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Imran Khan, in his 4-minute speech, decaled that if voted into power he would end the corruption in 90 days and give new policies to provide justice and social empowerment to the people.

The PTI had organised public gathering at Bagh-e-Jinnah, adjacent of Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum on the day of Father of the Nation’s birth anniversary.

Imran Khan termed the gathering more successful than the one PTI had organised in Lahore. Thousands of charged and emotional party workers were chanting slogans of ‘Prime Minister Imran Khan’ and hoisted the party flags to express their sentiments. Imran Khan promised the nation on Quaid-i-Azam’s birth anniversary that he will fulfil the dream of the Founder of the Nation, saying ‘I will do what Quaid-i-Azam wanted to do and he wanted to make Pakistan a prosperous state’. Imran Khan said: “I promise on Quaid-i-Azam’s birth anniversary that I will do what the Quaid-e-Azam wanted to do.”

Imran, in his speech punctuated with loud slogans of the cheering crowd and national songs, said he would introduce a strong justice system in Pakistan under which free justice would be provided to the poor. “Quaid-e-Azam never wanted you to bow before anyone, I will ensure that you don’t have to bow before anyone.”

The PTI Chief said he would bring a team that will be selected on merit to transform Pakistan into a welfare state. He said this team would function under Jehangir Tareen to present economic policies, labour policies, tax reforms, education policies as well as foreign policies before the nation. There will be a policy paper on all issues, he added.

“During Tehreek-e-Insaf rule a civil system will be introduced which will ensure that even Imran Khan’s car is stopped for overspeeding.” He said Tehreek-e-Insaf would root out corruption and rectify the system.

Imran said a Chinese company wanted to bring $19 billion investment to Pakistan but could not do so due to the worst law and order situation in Karachi. “You don’t need a rocket science in Pakistan, just bring a team of honest leaders that undertakes its own accountability,” he asserted.

He promised that the major corruption will be eliminated within 90 days of coming into power. Pakistan suffers a loss of 300 crores per day, he regretted.

Imran Khan said that he wanted to play a match with President Zardari but unfortunately he was retired hurt. “The days of Zardari’s rule are numbered, so do not worry.”

Speaking about Balochistan, he said: “We will seek forgiveness from Balochistan people and remove their grievances by developing the deprived province.”

Announcing about PTI’s next public meeting, he said ‘the next stop for the tsunami will be Quetta on March 23’.

Imran apologised to Baloch people and said the he will provide them their rights.

Imran Khan took the podium with a verse from the Qur’an and said “God we only ask help from you.”

He said “People said the rally will be a flop. Are there Sindhis, Pathans, Punjabis, Mianwalis here at this rally? We have Hindus, Parsis and Christians. Merry Christmas. Today was Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday. I won’t say anything bad about any political party. But Mian Sahib said let’s play a 10-over match. Mian Sahib, hurry, before you are unable to get a team. Today, I want to welcome Javed Hashmi. You are a brave man. I also want to congratulate Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Another wicket is going to fall. Sardar Assef Ali also wants to join Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.”

Imran said “People ask me what’s your roadmap. I’m going to give you a roadmap. When I went to Britain at the age of 18 i was surprised to observe that the poor are fed. There was no difference in hospitals between the rich and poor. The first Islamic welfare state was Khilafat-e-Rashida.”

He said “Even animals have rights in the West. A police officer was sent to prison for torturing a police dog. We will provide justice in villages. We promise that the government will provide a lawyer for those who can’t afford it. There are more talented players than myself. There are more intelligent people than myself. People said I coudn’t be the best bowler because you aren’t talented. I wanted to make a hospital so that people could go there and get treated for free. They said you can’t make the hospital. I wanted to make a university, they said you can’t do it. Today that university is offering degrees. They said forget it, you don’t know politics. They made fun of me and my colleagues. But I didn’t let that spoil my dreams of a better Pakistan. We want one educational system in Pakistan. God has always fulfilled my dreams. And He will also fulfil this one too. How will we do this? I promise I will give you a great team. Did I choose a good cricket team for the World Cup. That team will also be on merit.”

“Pakistan will not need to beg for aid. Selection in the Civil Service will be on merit. Police officials will also be chosen on merit. We will bring a better labour policy. PTI will stand along with the labourers. All policies will be constituted for the lower 50 per cent of the people. There is the Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab. Indian Punjab produces 3 times as much yield as the Pakistani Punjab. In India, they facilitate their farmers free or at least cheap electricity. Our biggest asset is our expatriates, who don’t want to come to Pakistan because of the law and order situation in the country. Their lives are threatened. We had a rich expat from Russia. He stayed at a hotel here but was kidnapped.”

Imran said “Average income of Singapore has increased. Muhathir Muhammad also increased the average income of his nation. No one will be given a ticket in this party till they disclose their assets so that we know how they’ve amassed their wealth. Curbing corruption is very easy, providing education is more difficult. Pakistan suffers a loss of Rs 300 billion daily. We will computerise the government with e-government because you can’t bribe a computer.

Tens of thousands of people, including women and children, converged in Karachi on Sunday for Imran Khan’s massive rally seeking a ‘change’ in the country, with the organisers dubbing it as a ‘tsunami’.

All roads leading to the Quaid-e-Azam park, the venue of the rally adjacent to the mausoleum of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, were jammed with buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians who were eager to reach the place.

Mindful of the response to Imran’s call for Karachiites to attend the rally in large numbers and show their support for a change in the country and against corruption, the organisers had set up giant video screens outside the park for people who could not find a place inside.

A sea of people, including women, children and even the physically challenged, stood shoulder-to-shoulder braving the afternoon heat and several hours into the night as they listened to Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders’ speeches.

The Quaid-e-Azam Park was swamped by people carrying the red and green PTI flags and wearing party caps. People had started converging at the venue since morning, hours before the rally was to begin.

“We are here because of Imran Khan. We believe he can make a better Pakistan and bring changes,” shouted Maleeha, a hijab-clad woman who had come with her fiance to the rally.

Zainab, another young woman dressed in jeans and T-shirt, said many people now know that Imran Khan was the last hope for Pakistan. “We all believe only he can turn around this country and rid it of corruption and extremism. He can bring about better governance.”

The presence of large number of women and youth at the rally was a big triumph for the organisers who had set up separate enclosures for the women, families and youth.

Shahdab Kabir, a disabled person who came to the rally with his brother on a wheelchair, said he came to show Imran that the people of Karachi supported him and his manifesto. “It is not only time for a change in Pakistan but also in Karachi,” he said.

The organisers, with the assistance of local administration, had set up special walkthrough security gates and body scanned each and every participant before they entered the rally venue.

Asif Khan, a party worker, added that “we believe in Imran Khan and the fact that a senior (PPP) politician like Javed Hashmi has now joined us shows people believe in Imran and want change in the next elections.”

Karachi for the last two decades has been the stronghold of the MQM, the only party in the last two decades to manage massive rallies in the city.

Over 100,000 people rallied in support of cricket hero-turned-politician in Karachi on Sunday.

Could it be that we will see Imran Khan as leader of nuclear armed Pakistan - when they side with Russia and China against Nato & the West?

I've long said that He could be the much prophesied "great king of the Mogols" (Genghis Khan) brought back to life!


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Posted - May 11 2012 :  12:59:19 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
And here we see - a prediction that Imran Kahn will be the next president / leader of Pakistan!

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The Case Of Stolen Plums!


By Dr. Haider Mehdi

A great gift of the Almighty to humanity is that we, humankind, can learn a great deal and infer a lot of great lessons from small life experiences. There is an intrinsic and formidable link between ourselves and in the way we wish to experience our existence in the lifespan of our consciousness.

In this context of our existence and because of an enlivened public consciousness in todays Pakistan, here are several reasons and logical arguments as to why Imran Khan and his PTI will win and why the incumbent PPP government and some other political parties will lose in the forthcoming national general election.

One: a simple tale of moral-ethical development. Decades ago on a hot summer afternoon, at the height of the deliciously aromatic alu bukhara season, a case (box) of alu bukharaswent missing from my mothers pantry. At the time, only three people were present in the house: myself, the cook and the sweeper. Regrettably, I had not gobbled the mouth-watering alu bukharas. When my mother asked the two household helpers about the missing fruit box, they blatantly denied having stolen it. Later, in the evening, my father told the two domestic helpers that though stealing and eating the alu bukharas was a minor matter of showing human weakness for a delightful delicacy, but in having done so, as the evidence clearly indicated, the two of them had lost their credibility and could no longer be entrusted with the care of the household. They were told to immediately pack and leave. Surprisingly, both of them immediately admitted having consumed the entire box of plums and apologized for lying about it. Both of them were forgiven for their minor indiscretion.

Later, my parents explained to all of us (kids) that the admission of guilt and the promise to work with honesty were acts of great moral courage on the part of these people. But, above all, their behavior indicated self-reflection, an instant realization that their ethics were in question and there was an immediate need to establish credibility and restore trust. All of these elements, my father said, were a part of a process in personal moral-ethical development.

Value Development is a fundamental undertaking of Imran Khans platform of social-cultural-political change in Pakistan. In fact, PTIs ideological stance is to reinvigorate a moral-ethical Islamic democratic values revolution in the political culture of the country. It is precisely for this philosophical view that places Imran Khan on the same page with the majority of Pakistani people who see the incumbent (and traditional) political leadership in the country as immoral, unethical and devoid of values that ought to be an intrinsic part and parcel of a national leadership and in the making of a truly Islamic welfare state.

It is also precisely for the same reason that Imran Khans politics of values, in its absolute entirety, rejects the present economic-cultural-political status-quo. Khans view is shared by a large majority of the Pakistani people who also seek repudiation and rejection of the entire present political culture and political structure in the country. (Of course, this perspective is not shared by those political actors who are fighting political-legal battles to protect the present-day systemic status-quo to safeguard their personal vested interests.) And it is exactly for this reason that Imran Khan and his PTI will win by a landslide in the next general election in Pakistan.

Two: a simple tale of shared integrity, common values and communal self-management. A friend who has widely travelled in the interiors of Balochistan narrated the following. Villages in Balochistan are situated at a great distance from the main cities. Hence, the villagers have to cover a long distance to reach the main roads to find transportation (mainly buses) to urban centers to buy goods and merchandise to do business in their small villages. When they return after buying merchandise and are dropped at the main roads, they have no instant means to carry their valuable commodities back to their villages. A communal tradition has developed over a period of time: the villagers place 3-bricks over their merchandise, walk to the village and come back with a donkey cart. In the meantime, irrespective of how long it takes between their journey to and from the village, no one ever touches the merchandise left unprotected on the roadside. The 3-bricks on the top of the goods is a symbolic communal signal of mutual business integrity, social cohesion, shared values and community credibility in self-management.

Imran Khans PTIs political-social vision of a rural-based democracy is, in fact, a cultural, political and strategic endorsement of our traditional communal values and an acknowledgment that, given an opportunity, Pakistans rural society is capable of self-management in all aspect of self-governance. The fact of the matter is that self-governance and self-management was a distinctive socio-cultural-political norm of pre-colonial Muslim India. The point is that Imran Khans politics stands for the revival of our traditional communal values and faith in the time- honored communal integrity of Pakistans rural society. And precisely this political vision puts Imran Khan on the same page with over 60% of the population of Pakistan that lives in rural areas. And precisely for this very factor, Imran Khans PTI will win by a landslide in the next national general election.

Three: a simple tale of compassion for human interest, behavioral generosity and selflessness in Muslim history. The following narrative is from a co-columnist who is an authority on the compassionate nature of Muslim history. It is said that a traveler on horseback (a long time ago in the remote past) came across an ill old person standing by the roadside. The sick man requested a ride and the horseman agreed. After they had covered some distance, they saw a water well. As the owner of the horse was collecting some water, the sick old man decided to steal the horse and ride away. The horse-owner said to the thief, It is OK if you steal my horse but dont tell anyone about it because then no one will ever offer a ride to a sick person again. Mighty decent and compassionate, isnt it?

NRO, corruption, massive financial embezzlements, kick-backs on contracts, bank frauds, bribes, money laundering, foreign assets, foreign businesses, foreign bank accounts, foreign properties, drug mafia, arms deals, foreign aid deals, international bank deals and so on and so forth are some examples of the horse stealings by the sick political actors at the helm of national affairs in todays Pakistan. The amazing aspect is that, all of them, irrespective of their party affiliations, are hell-bent on continuing to steal, protect their lootings and see no dishonor in their claims over the national plunder. In fact, they proudly tell others to indulge in horse stealing and not to care if human decency and compassion die in the process of endless looting.

Imran Khans politics is the sole voice of the Pakistani peoples sentiments seeking a compassionate political leadership, a values revolution, a socio-cultural transformation and an end to six decades of political status-quo without which the future of Pakistans existence is questionable.

It is precisely for this reason that Imran Khans PTI will win and why the incumbent PPP government will lose by a landslide in the next general election.

No more horse stealing! No more stealing alu bukharas!

Unquestionably, there is a need for the ethical-moral development of political leadership in Pakistan and Imran Khan champions this cause!

Again I put it to you all (the membership here including Mike) - that Imran Kahn will be the prophesied Resuscitated great king of the Mongols (Ghengis Kahn & Kubla Kahn)...

Born: 25 November 1952, Lahore, Pakistan


You have to admit - his long exposure to western culture thru cricket (and marriage to Jemima) would make him well aware of the weaknesses of our western culture and possibly a formidable enemy of the west were the worst to eventuate.

I personally have long had a feeling that we would one day come to fear Imran Kahn despite our adoration of him as both a cricketer and humanitarian.

I do hope that I am wrong.

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Posted - May 12 2012 :  12:45:24 AM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
First, who was the great king of Terror??? Was he a person, a nation, or an alliance??

Let us remember that in Bible prophecy, a "king" often represents the "kingdom" as much as it does an actual figure. Daniel's "king of the south" and "king of north" were (and are and are to be) about realms, although the prophecies also reference some of their leaders in the appropriate passages. The king of Grecia is a realm, but it only becomes a man when the "great horn" is said to be "the first king" and a "mighty king."

So, if Nostradamus was using this technique of a king being a nation, empire, alliance then that changes how we view the quatrain.

I think the great king of Terror was Nato (it still is, witness what it did in Libya) ... conducting a horrific air war against Serbia from March 1999 until June 1999. I watched this war unfold on CNN and other networks and I have to say I have never seen anything like it ... it made Operation Desert Storm look like a festive fireworks display. Some of the coverage I saw was dreadful to look at ... as though small nuclear weapons were being used. The air war was originally planned to last well into August (at least, or even longer), but the bombing of the Chinese embassy in May cut the air attack short, ending on 9 June (a month short of Nostradamus' "July 1999").

I still believe the king of the Mongols is linked to China.

Let us consider: There are some surviving Mongol genes to be found in the peoples of South Asia, which includes Pakistan, but it is highly diluted along with the much stronger Turkic and Persian.

PURE Mongolian can only be found in Mongolia (go figure), China, the two Koreas, parts of Soviet Central Asia, particularly Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, Russia, and also in Afghanistan. But damn few Mongols to be found in Pakistan (no more than anywhere else in the world). The Mongol Empire may have invaded Pakistan in the early 1500s, but their influence and people were later repelled and driven out utterly.

Your theory was that Pakistan would join its nuclear arsenal with China's and Russia's in a war against Nato and the United States.

You may be well be right. I have discussed this possibility on here and on my website in the past, what I have called "the back door to World War III."

Nevertheless, I doubt very much if the target will be "Nato" so much as the United States and its Pacific allies. It may initially be against Nato presence in Afghanistan, but that is all. It will be the largest Nato ally they will go up against: the United States.

But I suspect Pakistan and India will wipe each other out with their arsenals in the early stages since such a war would first play out in Asia and the Pacific with China, North Korea, and Pakistan against India, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States (and eventually Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc). India and Pakistan would not survive this conflict as long as the others. They have achieved near nuclear parity and that means if one goes, so does the other.

Imran Khan will end up like Ricardo Montalban's "Khan" in Star Trek II ("from the fires of Hell I stab at thee Kirk").

Pakistan has no interest in taking on the Crusaders of the West except in their own backyard. There'll be no Pak soldiers, bombers, fighter jets, and ships overrunning the Middle East and Europe. Pakistan has no interest in any of that. Even now, at this time and this dark hour, Iran itself has no interest in fighting a war far beyond their own region, yet they have much more motivation or pretext to do so than Pakistan does: Israel.

Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is largely reserved for India. They dare not waste much of it on anyone else.

I still think this "great King of the Mongols" refers to former Soviet Central Asia and possibly western China (Xinjiang). There you will find Islamic fundamentalism and growing dislike of the West and America. But the region is still not powerful enough to wage war unless China disintegrates and its nuclear arsenal passes into the hands of the separatists in Xinjiang, the Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, possibly the Afghans ... not something likely to happen anytime soon.

Then again, it may simply be China as it is today (which takes us back to the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade as the start of current tensions).

If so, expect China, Pakistan, and North Korea to do what the Japanese did with Germany and Italy during World War II: enter into an axis with Iran and possibly Russia and declare war on "The West" ... but then fight that war in "The East" against the US and its Pacific allies.

Russia alone is capable of attacking west, south, and east ... and as Ezekiel warns, it will take a lot of coaxing before it does ("hooks into its jaws").

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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