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 Why New Prophecy Website hits are down?
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Posted - Mar 31 2012 :  03:45:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Total traffic hits on all pages of my website for March 30, 2012 over 24 hour period ... 923.

No, not 1,923 (which would also be horrible), but 923.

I haven't seen a figure that low since 1999 or 2000.

My homepage is now, and has been shoved down for at least a week, on page 13 of Google's search results.

It was moving back up to page 7 when it got suddenly shoved back down again. Indeed, this is the way it has been of late, I gradually move back up towards page 8 or 7 (remember I was on page 6 and that was bad enough), traffic starts to increase to my site, and then suddenly it disappears and I find it way down anywhere from page 15 down to page 24. It climbs back up again, slowly, traffic builds, and just as it seems I may get back to something short of normal, back down I go ... very far down ..

What kind of censorship is this????? I could understand being kept down on a very low page all the time or even deleted altogether from the search engine. That would anger me very much, but it would be consistent with censoring my website.

What kind of Google algorithms would do such a thing??? I have conducted searches for people with this kind of problem, but I seem to be the only one.

It is almost as though someone, possibly a rival, is ordering a mass attack by thousands of remote PCs, VOTING my website down every time it threatens to get back up to a normal position.

I doubt this is Google or government censorship, it smells of some enemy or group of enemies (rivals, competitors) of mine with sophisticated hacking capabilities.

Your theories that it is kids with short attention spans not interested in the way my site is constructed, its content, or how fast it loads up doesn't wash.

I'll tell you why.

It is simple: the number of hits on my website is consistent with the Google ranking of my homepage. If my ranking is low, the number of visits on the home page is low (coz no one new can find me then). If my ranking goes up, so does the traffic.

In other words there is, and has been, a direct relationship between where my homepage appears on Google's results page and the number of hits my homepage and all the other pages receive. Plain and simple.

And this up and down **** makes no sense to me whatsoever, except in the context of enemy hacking.

One thing I do notice too ... the longer this up and down nonsense continues, the more and gradually the total hits move down. I was holding at an average of 1500, then 1200 to 1300, now I am below 1000. Clearly I am losing people because of this up and down crap permanently!

Eventually, I will be lucky if I get 10 people a day coming on ... or perhaps zero it will be. Then my site is a corpse hanging out on the Internet for the vultures to scavenge.

If could get my hands around the throat of whoever is responsible I would squeeze very hard ... and for a very long time. Because as far as I am concerned what they are doing to me is almost the same thing as murder! Try investing 13 years of your life in something like my website, after investing another 10 years prior to that in research and book writing ... and not see what these people are doing as murder!

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Apr 01 2012 :  02:10:59 AM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi Mike.

I'm sure I posted a link I think somewhere to an article where it said the US DHS (Dept Homeland Security) was going to deliberately censor internet sites where "alternate media" spread deliberate disinfo stories, but also REAL news that TPTB (The Powers That Be) don;t want spread in real time.

I suggested this also before I think...if navy seals etc are behind enemy lines conducting an operation the Navy doesn't want local people from the area who observe it going down posting live video from their cell phone online that the major news picks up and re-broadcasts within minutes - because it is on a major web forum with thousands of viewers.

That could imperil the seals trying to do their job from extracting safely of the enemy gets wind of it all... in real time.

This whole real time thing has implications for defense and with Iphones and the internet its a real issue for them.

Essentially if you ignore the Madonna celeb stuff etc = a LOT of the rest of the stuff about predictions of major world events and with a 70%+ success rate - might be valuable military intelligence of a strategic nature that TPTB don't want the enemy to have access too - hence they just keep your site from being easily found...DELIBERATELY.

You did notice I presume that the head of Homeland Security just resigned on a week or so ago to take up a senior position with......GOOGLE!

You don;t think these things aren't organized by the See Ete Eh to get their people into positions where they can influence the whole search engines algorithms etc etc?

If you still lived in the land of the free and the brave Mike - your anger would be understandable - but you seem not to be facing up to the fact you live in a modern day equivalent of Hitlers Fascist Germany where the govt controls everything.

Your already essentially under Marshall law and the constitution is gone - seemingly forever.

When you and the rest of the citizens of your once great nation & republic have had enough they will no doubt take up arms and get rid of the ruling elite in congress Washing ton DC and the banks and the stick exchange etc etc...starting with the whole Rockefeller and Rothschild families etc.

Until the armed insurrection / revolution - your country's lost Mike and there nothing you or anyone else can do about it...

The whole idea of a fair shake and a equal chance for everyone to succeed and prosper, is long gone.

It IS indeed possible for someone with the ability to knobble your business on the internet...

I've just come across this with my hotmail account that I have had and used now for maybe 10 years or more.

I get countless junk mails a day...more than 30, a day so I religiously add the domain they are sent from too my blocked senders list - meaning anyone sends me a junkmail it bounces back next time... so they know they are blocked.

Next day i get the exact same junkmail adverts from the same products, and they are sent from a new domain...

So I block those domains as senders and next day same adverts from a new domain and so it goes...

I've no idea how the junkmail senders get mew domains every day to send their junk from - it MUST cost money to get a new domain, no?

But the thing is this...

IF you kept getting junkmail from a same advertiser even tho you went to a lot of trouble to block them, and they must be aware of that from the returned mail the next day..., would you EVER buy a product from that company?

Example Pappa Joes Pizza, they are one of my problem advertisers, along with Wen hair care etc, these company's are not even my country, but someone somehow goes to inordinate trouble to ensure I get their junkmail every day and every day I block them as senders and the next they are back sending from an entirely new domain...

Obviously they have some kind of mass emailing program that just as a matter of course registers a new domain every day and transfers their email clients list to the new domain and mass emails the same crap day - and likely does it automatically as a way of defeating spam email hosts like hotmail and gmail etc.

No one sits down and updates this every day manually it has to be programmed to be done automatically, (unlike me who has to block them religiously every day manually)!

But my point is this....

Would ANYONE running say a National Pizza Franchise like say pappa Joes Pizza deliberately go to so much trouble to piss off their customers to the point they would NEVER buy a Papa Joes Pizza again in their life....just because of the relentless advertising spam.?


Alternately - would someone with a competitors franchise - who's losing custom to say Pappa Joes, set up such an automated spamming scam in order to do harm to Pappa Joes, by driving people nutso on the computer by spamming their email accounts so people will boycott the product?

That I could imagine - you know sending out spam with free Papa Joes Pizza vouchers etc etc and when someone downloads one and presents it to find out theirs no free pizza - says screw Pappa Joes I'll never go there again!

THAT would be a legitimate business expense that might be worthwhile to deliberately sabbotage your competitor and make it LOOK like its actually Papa Jopes whop is behind it!

My point is I don't think you can do this type of sophisticated spamming for free!

So there has to be a fiscal motive behind it (like Knobble your competitor).

Or some other motive...

Example is someone using say a Pappa Joes outlet as a front for drugs distribution and local law enforcement can't shut them down because someone in power up the chain of command is taking a payoff to protect the operation...

So maybe the law enforcement people who KNOW whats going on but can;t stop it thru their proper channels - decide to use the internet and a sophisticated email advertising scam to knobble the actual real pizza business as a way of stopping it being used as a drug front protected by a protection racket involving their bosses or the politicians who govern their bosses?

How do you know that someones not sending out a zillion spam emails a day saying check out Mikes Nostrodamus website the same as I get 3 emails a day from a different domain, for Wen hair care?

Hw do these people get new domains every day for free? (Maybe there is a way they do it automatically at no cost and a computer is programmed to send the emails every 24 hours ad an ongoing form of denial of service flooding your server or something?

My point is - you don't know who or whats knobbling you but its undoubted someone is.

DHS said publicly they were going to do this and now the head of DHS is head of Google or something....and you can't fugire out why Googles screwing with you!

Is the same thing happening with other non google search engines like Yahoo?

Likely if DHS has google stitchd up as they do, then they have the other major search engines likewise knobbled...

There is some official govt list of websites they wanted to stitch as a national security threat and its my bet that your domain is listed in that list and deliberately targeted...

So what can you do about it - your ready to start the revolution to take back the republic for the people of the USA?

Good luck with it -you might be a lone soldier for the revolution I think - coz you know what?

On 9/11 someone inside your country took opver control with the 9/11 attacks triggering "continuity of Govt" legislation and whoever you think is in control like Odumbo for example is just a see eye eh puppet keeping the masses in the false belief that everything's hunkey dorey while the country is being run the corporate oil entity that controls whoever is REALLY running via the continuity of govt legislation since the inside job that 9/11 undoubtedly was.

I can't see you have any way to change it myself short of a revolution in your country.

I believe the people of the USA are too apathetic to rise up and wrest back control of their republic... they have become too fat, lazy and apathetic, and have traded their freedom for security...(against a perceived "AlCIAda" teroorism threat (that really doesn't exist).

One of your own early presidents said it best....

From time to time, there comes a time when the tree of liberty must be watered with the sacrifice of human blood - and that those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserved neither.

There's probably a reason why Ruger firearms the 4th biggest manufacturer in USA has ceased taking orders for new arms after being swamped with more than a MILLION orders for new arms - that the can't satisfy....

Likely theres also a reason why DHS have ordered more than 40 MILLION rounds of .223 ammo...such that the manufacturers cannot supply that military caliber to the public anymore.

You may or may not still have the right to arm bears Mike - but, if DHS etc and the military etc can control the supply of ammo - then all the arms in the world are useless....

Whats being removed deliberately at the moment is the ability for the citizens of the USA to form armed militia's, to start an uprising in your country - your undergoing arms control by the back door! (controlling supply of ammo).

I do not see a rosy future for the USA under these circumstances..

Who knows I am not prophesying anything 0 just making reasoned observations of what I see transpiring every day around me and making an educated guess as to what those things might portend for the near future..

Who really knows these days?
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Posted - Apr 04 2012 :  04:54:42 AM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
You must be logged in to see this link.

DHS won't explain its order of 450 million hollow point bullets

Damned if I know - who needs enough hollow point (killing) bullets in .40cal - to kill more than the entire population of USA citizens?

You already have the army . military to kill terrorists overseas, and they have their own ammo - so what domestic agency under DHS needs that much ammo at home?

Sure looks like a whole lotta killin is being planned...

Now of course this also means that no matter how many arms you own f you can't buy bullets for them - then your chances of being able to defend yourself are gonna be mighty slim!

You must be logged in to see this link.

At the same time the states - who can possibly see "the writing on the wall" Federally speaking, are passing State laws that make it totally legal to use deadly force against police who enter your home without a warrant!

Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law

I don't know about you - but I foresee a civil war at home between the people and your federal agencies - who seem to have run amok...

This looks like being states and people against the bureaucracy in Washington - and frankly I think it might be the ONLY way you can ever regain control of your country to be governed by the people and for the people, because right now - its not clear exactly who is running your country - the Kenyan usurper on behalf of the Bush oil oligarchy clan?.

Whatever is going on it sure seems like it can only end in tears to me.
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Posted - Apr 25 2012 :  11:32:34 AM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
More search results manipulation.

You must be logged in to see this link.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Scorned White House
April 24, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Or A Desperate DC Law Firm?
You know you are doing a good job in the business of News gathering and reporting when your entire organization comes under such extreme and expensive attack. Or when the largest search engine on the world wide web engages in the manipulation of its search data base to ensure that specific results are returned for a specific search term in an effort to smear or attack a specific individual or organization. Sinclair News feels honored to know we have done our job so well to warrant such extremes to be taken in efforts to silence us.

Allow us to make something perfectly clear: These same types of smear tactics and efforts to silence or destroy Larry Sinclair in 2008-2009 failed then and the implementation of them in 2012 in an effort to silence or destroy Larry Sinclair or Sinclair News – LS News Group will also fail.

In the last 24 hours Sinclair News has noticed a very interesting situation which has suddenly occurred in regards to Google search results. In our constant efforts to improve upon our numbers and reach a wider audience Sinclair News has downloaded our visitor data to help us reach a wider audience. In that visitor data is the Google search results as it relates to any visitor who came to Sinclair News via a Google search. Regardless of what term was used, the data specifies the search term and what Google Search results page number the result appeared on. Anyone with just the slightest knowledge of how search results work would know that a term that resulted in a page #1 Google result consistently for months, does not suddenly drop to page 40, 49 or larger in a matter of a day. It appears that the same thing has taken place on the search engine;;; and yes

This type of drastic change in what the search engine search result page #1 presents, simply does not happen; especially when the new results link to articles and blog posts from 2008 and 2009 which directly attack and attempt to smear Larry Sinclair; which are as untrue today as they were when they were originally published; without someone paying one hell of a lot of money to have all those links optimized or unless the search engines themselves intentionally manipulates it search results. It is clear that Sinclair News – LS News Group has made an impact in our reporting and it has put the White House; the Democrats & Republicans alike on the defensive.

Less than 24 hours after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took a shot at Sinclair News with his remark

“There’s been rumors published on the Internet by people with no editors and no conscience.”

To accomplish this type of manipulation of search engine search results one of several factors are involved:

1. Someone has hired the best SEO Company and paid some serious cash to have all the search engine searches for “Larry Sinclair” return all the old, HuffingtonPost, DemocraticUnderground, Daily Kos,, Dave Weigel, attack pieces from the 2008 campaign season display on page 1;(which simply is not possible to do in a 24 hour period by SEO companies);

3. The search engines have themselves manipulated the items which display on its top pages specifically when the search term “Larry Sinclair” is entered.

Either way, allow me to state right here, right now: Sinclair News – LS News Group will not be intimidated or scared off from doing what we have done extremely well (and in most cases better and with more facts than even some of the major media organizations) which is report the News Honestly, Factually, and always ”Uncensored & Unafraid.”

If anyone has taken the time to read the “About Us” page you would find published upfront and without apology:

Founded by Lawrence (Larry) W. Sinclair (from what started four years ago as allegations against then Senator Barack Obama on January 17, 2008) LS News Group is a 24-hour news site providing original reporting from an experienced team of reporters, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news. & has gone from reporting allegations of gay sex and drug use by Barack Obama in 1999 to reporting Political, Legal, Health and Social news in a way that readers find refreshing in a time where so many “mainstream” media organizations choose to censor stories and report only those stories which promote the medias own views & interest.

Larry Sinclair has over the past four plus years developed a multitude of Political & News sources in his efforts to expose the truth about Barack Obama on the left, right and center of the political spectrum.

Hell hath no fury like a scorned White House who just on Monday took a shot at Sinclair News because it truthfully reported involvement of White House staff in the Secret Service prostitute scandal in Colombia. Something the White House and the media wanted to let slide by.

Efforts to manipulate search engine search results in an attempt to smear Sinclair or Sinclair News because someone doesn’t like the fact Sinclair News has done its job very well, will not deter Sinclair News or Larry Sinclair. Acts such as “Google Bombing” or what Sinclair News believes is more likely to be the voluntary cooperation of the search engine parents with the Obama White House/Campaign and possibly even with the Washington DC Law Firm of Patton Boggs LLP, only make us more determined to continue to do what we have done so well. Clearly if we were not making a difference the time, effort, money and cashing in of political favors to manipulate search term results all of a sudden would not be wasted, as it most certainly is a waste.

Patton Boggs who is counsel for Daniel Parisi, in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Case Daniel Parisi et al v Lawrence W. Sinclair et al Case No. 11-7077, did on April 16, 2012, file its Appellants Brief, in the Parisi appeal of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia dismissal of Defendant from Parisi et al v Sinclair et al 1:10-CV-00897-RJL of March 31, 2011. The Washington DC Lobbying Law Firm Patton Boggs have been sued themselves and Parisi’ counsel specifically by Get-Fugu for allegedly using the internet, twitter, etc… to slander and smear the company and its officers in California. Getfugu Sues James Hunt, Richard Parsons, Richard Oparil and Patton Boggs for $500 Million for Defamation and Malicious Prosecution

United States Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit

Notice of Docket Activity

The following transaction was entered on 04/16/2012 at 10:54:06 AM EDT and filed on 04/16/2012
Case Name: Daniel Parisi, et al v. Lawrence Sinclair, et al
Case Number: 11-7077
Document(s): Document(s)

Docket Text:
APPELLANT BRIEF [1368942] filed by Daniel Parisi, White House Communications Inc., Whitehouse Network LLC and Inc. [Service Date: 04/16/2012 ] Length of Brief: 13423 words. [11-7077] (Oparil, Richard)

The Appellants Brief is clearly written more as a means to attack and smear Mr. Sinclair rather than address Appellants claims that the District Court improperly dismissed defendant We believe it is clear from the filings in Parisi v Sinclair (which are public records available to anyone) that anyone who reads the Court Docket (which will be available in its entirety on Daniel Parisi v Larry Sinclair by the end of the week) will come away with a clear understanding that the case was nothing more than

NOTE: On March 30, 2012 Plaintiffs’ Parisi,, Whitehouse Networks LLC and Whitehouse Communications Inc filed a Stipulation & Order of Voluntary Dismissal as to the complaint against Lawrence W. Sinclair aka Larry Sinclair; and Sinclair Publishing Inc. All of which is clearly public records (All reports concerning Parisi v Sinclair from filing to date can be viewed at Daniel Parisi v Larry Sinclair )

Mr. Sinclair nor Sinclair News has ever hidden from his past, nor have either been scared away from calling out anyone who has knowingly misrepresented Mr. Sinclair’s past (and there have been many to do that.)

Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012, Part I of III

Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part II of III

Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part III of III

Larry Sinclair and Sinclair News suggest anyone who is interested in the truth (rather than these rehashed 2008-2009 smear attempts that the search engines have been manipulated to return for anyone conducting a search on the name “Larry Sinclair”) read Sinclair’s book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? which can be ordered in paperback form from Sinclair News-LS News Group (In response to the recent manipulation of the search engine results Sinclair News-LS News Group will make the Paperback edition available for $10.00 plus shipping to anyone who wishes to obtain it and read it for themselves). Search the archives on Daniel Parisi v Larry Sinclair and the archives on SinclairNews and you will get all you need to see the recent search engine manipulation is nothing more than an effort to retell the lies that have already been exposed for what they are.

As for claims in the search results which refer to the 2008 Polygraph Exam we respectfully refer those who are interested in the FACTS to review the polygraph video and report from Dr. George Maschke who details the lies clearly displayed in the video of those examiner and the the examiners disregarding the results which the examiner himself notes on the video determined Sinclair was being truthful. The video and the independent report of Dr. Maschke say all that needs to be said with one exception; which is the lies which have been told and circulated on the Internet claiming Sinclair was examined by two and three different examiners when one, and one only (who is clearly seen on video lying and discussing what lies he is planning on telling at the conclusion of the exam)

Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings

Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings Part II

Why Do People Swear To Being Truthful When They Know They Are Lying?

This attempt to somehow try and discredit our breaking factual news reports which have caused the White House; the Democrats & Republicans alike; and others who are sore at their failures to succeed in four plus years of trying to destroy Mr. Sinclair will only continue to make Sinclair News even more determined, dedicated, and committed to continuing to do what others fail or refuse to do in the pursuit of TRUTH in Media.

Anonymous commenters slammed with $13 million slander ruling

We sincerely hope you continue to turn to Sinclair News for Honest, Fact based, Uncensored & Unafraid news coverage. Sinclair News and Mr. Sinclair have nothing to hide, nor have either ever attempted to hide from anything. The recent attacks leveled against us are a true badge of honor as it makes clear we are making a difference.

Breaking News from Sinclair News that beat the competition:

WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News

Treason from within

2012: TEA Party & FreedomWorks vs GOP Establishment?

Breitbart’s Heart

When Everything Has To Be A Conspiracy

Exclusive: Secret Service agents set up by Cartagena’s finest Women

Breitbart Cause of Death “Heart Failure”

Here We Go Again

Congress: Hard at work or hardly working?

Breitbart Cause of Death Expected By Tomorrow

Only In America

GOP Senate Candidate-Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino:

Speaker Boehner & Minority Leader McConnell Less Than Convincing

4th Annual Orlando Tea Party Tax Day in 3 Minutes – Sizzle Reel

TSA’s Sick and disturbing Fetish

Breaking News:White House Staff Involved In Colombia Prostitute Scandal Ignored

Has The GOP Made A Mistake By Dismissing Ron Paul?

Hate Is Hate

Romney Snub Gives Obama Opportunity

Angela Corey Charging of Zimmerman: Politics & Money

Sinclair News Called It Apr 4th: Santorum Campaign Ends Today

Do You Still Think Voter ID Laws Are Unnecessary? Think Again

LA Coroner Still Awaiting Toxicology & Microscopic Test Results

and on and on and on….sit back and surf all the stories at Sinclair News and make up your own mind based on the work rather than on the efforts to manipulate the search engine search results. We are confident you will continue to turn to us for cutting edge, honest and factual news coverage like no one else.

Just more proof that you've been targeted Mike as an enemy combatant!
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Posted - Jun 18 2012 :  12:10:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit pacino's Homepage Send pacino a Private Message  Reply with Quote
looks like your website Mike was forced to be red flagged by the Government... they wanna control what people see and pull them away from the truth, and feeds them lies.

Google reports 'alarming' rise in government censorship requests

You must be logged in to see this link.

Welcome to the countdown to World War III:

You must be logged in to see this link. (Back online with 99% of uptime!!)
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Posted - Jun 18 2012 :  12:22:43 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I have met the enemy

And he is us!

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Posted - Jun 23 2012 :  5:03:02 PM  Show Profile Send jimmyk311 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Speaking of enemies and censorship...

US ISPs become 'copyright cops' starting July 12

You must be logged in to see this link.

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Posted - Jun 29 2012 :  03:52:53 AM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Google's been keeping my site (with keyword 'Nostradamus') down around page 20, 21, 22 forever now .. one day I was in the page 30s, and another in page 50s, and one day I competely disappeared from Google for almost 24 hours ... NO PAGES ..

I no longer measure my traffic in the 1000s, not even 1,000 ... a few months ago I went down into the 900s, then the 800s ... today I can say pretty steady 800s or 700s now ... these are the total hits on all of the pages of my website, and there are a lot of pages ... so you can see that not many can be getting on each day ... was a time my homepage alone got almost this many hits ...


June 16: 747, June 17: 1002, June 18: 972, June 19: 875, June 20: 785, June 21: 802, June 22: 767, June 23: 792, June 24: 883, June 25: 818, June 26: 878, June 27: 855, June 28: 764 ... slow strangulation ... by fall I should be down in the 500s or 400s, by new year's the 200s or 100s, by March, zero ... maybe faster than that ...

The site is being strangled to death by Google. Blame it on whatever you want ... I'm about ready to throw in the towel ...

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Jun 29 2012 :  12:42:20 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Like banging your head against a wall Mike - sometimes it feels good when you stop.

The govt's of this world - have seen that everythings changing - controlling newspapers & TV media no longer works to brainwash the masses! The internet changed all that - hence the need to control the internet by govt and big corporations in order to perpetuate the big lies.

I predict mike that those who value such freedoms of information, will find another technology - that's a spin off of the internet - just as CD radios died and were replaced by mobile phones the internet as we know it will evolve - and hopefully ahead of all the govt controls - who knows - maybe it will be video sharing via twitter or something.

I don't see the worlds populace giving up these freedoms willingly.

Maybe it will be some kind of bluetooth IPhone web video swap arrangement..

I don;t know what the new technology will be but you can bet that whoever comes up with it as a way to communicate in real time around the world and stay one jump ahead of the govt / corporate propaganda machine will be on a winner not unlike Microsoft or Apple.

Maybe skype is the answer - video conferencing skype rooms for real time world wide discussions.

Its just a question of time.

I think the actions of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange with publishing sensitive US consular emails with the world was so embarrassing that control of the internet is seen as an essential defense initiative by TPTB.

By giving in and surrendering you just embolden them IMHO.

My 2c and then some.
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Posted - Jul 01 2012 :  1:39:38 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Tonight as an exercise, I did a search on Google for Nostradamus and by pages 6 and 7 etc hadn't seen any mention of new prophecy almanac etc as you well know and have posted about.

My 2nd search was "Nostradamus Prophecy" - and new prophecy almanacs is top of the 2nd page!

Really speaking the domain "new prophecy almanac" has no mention of Nostradamus within the title (and yes I am sure you have optimized it in the search meta tags etc).

As soon as you combine the words Nostradamus and Prophecy - well the search results aren't too bad.

Have you considered for example operating a mirror site?

Now days sometimes if you shop around you can buy a domain name for not a lot of dollars, and you could simply mirror everything at your new prophecy almanacs website on the other domain.

I'm suggesting that if the word Nostradamus is prominent in the registered domain name (eg "Nostradamus Prophecys") then the typical search results might be listed a lot higher by the search engine algorithms maybe?

I'm far from an expert at optimizing web sites search results, but just offering a suggestion maybe.

Others might know more than me about this.
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Posted - Jul 01 2012 :  7:34:35 PM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi Eddie,

It's true ... two keywords I score high. I could even be found on most pre-Google search engines back in 2000 and 2001 with those two keywords.

Unfortunately, it is the single keyword that grabs most the traffic. That's because most people are hunting for "Nostradamus" rather than "Nostradamus prophecy."

Why? Same reason as ten years ago and more ... laziness and naivete.

Besides, most "newbies" are ignorant about what Google has done to its algorithms with its various "Panda updates" since June 2011 ... they honestly believe they will get the best info/commentary/theory/expert advice/etc that is on the Internet with the results they get from "Nostradamus" than if they try tweaking it more with another keyword or two.

Those who wish to be regular visitors should eventually know enough to bookmark or add to their favourites the homepage (at least) if not other key pages on the site. Windows stores the web address in your favorites automatically if you are on a page and simply "add to favorites" ... believe it or not there are some people who have been on the internet for five years who still do not know enough to do this and keep expecting to find their favorite sites on the same Google page every day. After June 2011 and ever since I am sure these people used to finding me on Google pages 1, 2, or at worst 3, are assuming my website no longer exists .. that I have simply vanished.

My guess is the first 40% loss of traffic which occurred practically overnight in June 2011 (from 10,000 to 6,000) was due to my being knocked down to page 6 and 7. These people did not find me on 1, 2 or 3 and assumed I was gone. Then a few months later Google did another Panda update to their algorithms, and I went down to page 15 and 16, and lost another 50% practically overnight (from 6,000 to 3,000). There have been a number of Panda updates, supposedly to "improve the quality" of the search results, since then. Last night I was down to a mere 695 hits ... so now I have returned to the 600s for the first time since 2000.

Actually my domain is highly coveted: I have had a lot of people who have wanted to buy it. And it is helpful to have a domain that is easy to remember.

But the best domain name in the world will not save you if you can't be found with a single keyword on the leading search engines. I am not only low on Google, I am low on other search engines as well. On Bing I am on page 17 (same page as on Google, page 17). On Yahoo! I am on page 21.

I have been doing some research on forums where people complain about the Google Panda updates and I have found out that quite a few BUSINESSES have gone OUT OF BUSINESS or nearly gone out of business because they were once top of the Google heap and now are down in the rubble. Many have lost 90% of their customers, some overnight.

These are not anti-government, conspiracy, religious, or anything else ... they are merchants selling normal everyday products.

The idea that the site that gets to the top of the hill with one search keyword is obviously NOT a good concept anyway. The whole manner in which search engines operate is out of date. Sites should fall into different categories for one thing, and then there should be a search engine for each category. Then something other than keywords should determine ranking: like POPULARITY (which does fluctuate anyway) or page depth (how deep ... how many pages ... within a site the average viewer goes during first visits and then subsequent visits).

There should be criterion for ranking that is fair for everyone.

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Jul 02 2012 :  11:58:56 AM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I'm not disagreeing with you about the popularity of your new prophecy web domain and others wishing to buy it.

You talk about the one word search results etc and are correct about not limiting oneself to just the one word.

However - this proves to be an interesting search.

You must be logged in to see this link.

So no one has actually purchased that domain - it is not yet registered!.

Someone more mercenary than me might register the domain as their own and then try to sell it top you - but I am suggesting that you could probably buy it yourself for $40 per annum or something similar (because I am not so mercenary)!

Again even if it was a mirror of your current site ts always handy to have a backup copy in case the server with your web site crashed and it was all lost or something.

Surely if you owned that domain you'd get all the one word "Nostradamus" search results - Pandas or not?

Would that not be worth the effort in order to always be at the top of the search results?

You could probably buy the .org and .bus domains as well...

Its just a suggestion - I am not that experienced at all this domain stuff, just suggesting maybe an obvious and simple answer to the problem.

Hope whatever you do that it works out for you.

I for one would hate to see you quit, as you know I respect your historical knowledge and analytical ability a great deal.

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Posted - Jul 02 2012 :  10:03:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi Eddie,

Well, I am not really planning on quitting ... but low turnout can affect one's incentive to do a lot work on one's site. So, may do less if the numbers just aren't there. Last night was better ... almost hit a 1,000 .

The point I was making about the fallacy of keyword searches on search engines is that a lot of unrelated stuff surfaces near the top and elsewhere that is not even remotely about Nostradamus prophecy (or any other prophecy). There is the dramatic biopic movie from 1994, there are a number of Nostradamus video games, a Judas Priest record album called Nostradamus and an Al Stewart song by that name, there is a 'Nostradamus Predicted You'd Be A Loser' T-shirt, Nostradamus spoof sites, Nostradamus awards for perceptive economists, Nostradamus advertising for small businesses, etc. ... I think you get the picture.

I thought you might get the drift of my last post .. maybe not. Google, the biggest and most popular search engine on the web, has demonstrated by its "Jeckyll-turned-Hyde act" that the prevailing model for finding websites is no longer fair, consistent, helpful, or reliable. Most (but not all) other popular search engines, like Bing, rely on Google's and Yahoo's results to formulate their own results. I have to laugh when I read someone say they are going to start using Bing instead of Google ... and I laugh because Bing's results depends on Google's results.

And it is possible Google has an agenda besides. I would expect that Nostradamus and prophecy-related resource sites should be seen at the top. However, mixed with the resource sites are a bunch of personal, non-resource sites near the top, found using the 'Nostradamus' keyword, written by those BASHING Nostradamus and prophecy in general. It is the skeptics and haters, and not the scholars, interpreters, or theorists, who have the lead at the top of the Nostradamus heap.

Take this guy and his site called "The Real 2012 Prophecy: Mayans, Nostradamus, and Planet X, Oh My!" who shows up all over the place, as well as position number 3 on page 1: You must be logged in to see this link.

Oh, and he is an evangelical Christian promoting his religion, so that kills the theory that Google is killing off religious websites.

In time most people will realise that the prevailing method for finding things on the Internet of the last decade or so has been wrong and, in a sinister fashion, has been co-opted and appropriated. Someone will find a new and better way, and when that happens search keywords and even domains will become secondary to the newer method. Judging from the anger I am seeing across the board concerning Google since 2011 I would say people will get tired of Google's antics sooner than later. Then they will realise that it is the system itself that needs fixing.

Some of the old ways were not bad ways either. Ideas like web rings and megasites that sponsor a limited number of similar theme-based personal websites and profile each one on their entrance page were very good in practise and boosted traffic ... and they were all dumped when Google came along and seemed to even out the playing field, rewarding those who worked hard and penalising those who did not. That is, sadly, no longer Google's working model.

I am surprised at the fact that no one owns ..., on the other hand, second position on page 1 using the 'Nostradamus' keyword, is largely a resource megasite with a small amount of commentary concerning Mabus and 911.

If were a website like mine I don't think the domain would matter to Google and it would not be doing as well as it is ... and if I were "" I would likely still be down on page 19, 21, 35, or whereever (I bounce around a lot these days, second by second it seems, even occasionally on page 1 very briefly for maybe a minute or two ). The leading Mabus site for many years,, is on a pathetic page 14 with the single 'Nostradamus' keyword and god-knows-where with 'Mabus' as a single keyword. If you look, you'll finds alot of "dots" in the ruinous rubble/graveyard of Google's version of the seventh circle of Hell.

As for the server ... I have multiple servers where my website is located. I pay good money for unlimited space, unlimited data transfer (I could probably accomodate hundreds of thousands of hits a day if I had to ... during 9/11 I had to), and multiple servers. So that's not a problem.

Doing a mirror of my site would be a nightmare ... tens of thousands of files, many of them images, would have to be uploaded to the other site. It would be a logistical nightmare that would take many, many months to do.

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Aug 10 2012 :  08:08:42 AM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Just a progress update ...

I complained on last update post that, with single keyword "Nostradamus," I was on page 50 for one day, a few other days 30s, but for most part in the page 20s ...

That has now changed ... I have been on page 50 with keyword "Nostradamus" for 5 days now (you outta see the illustrious company I am keeping on page 50 ), and for a day to two days before that apparently I was not even on Google at all (went all the way from first page to the last page, wasn't anywhere with single keyword "Nostradamus") ... traffic now straight 700s, sometimes 800s, looks like I'm gonna dip to the 600s now ...

This isn't death, but it sure is dying ...

Funny, some sites still have me listed as one of the top 5 Nostradamus sites on the entire Internet.

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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Posted - Aug 10 2012 :  11:01:29 PM  Show Profile  Visit mm2001's Homepage Send mm2001 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Homepage at the bottom of Google search result page 46 today ... wow!

Second home page (the updates and overview page) is on page 27!

Where's the logic in that???

I know I'll be knocked back down to 50 or some lower oblivion before I ever climb out of the 40s pages, that's what happened last time ...

Still say somebody is letting me rise a little and then knocking me back down ... this is what has been happening since this all began last year ... only problem is every time I get knocked down again it is from a lower page and am knocked down lower than before and have that many more pages I have to rise up on to even get noticed ...

This is not a Panda update, it is a personal campaign by somebody to snuff me out slow ...

Seems to me that if this was government censorship at work, they would have had me de-indexed entirely right from the get go so I would not appear on any search engine at all with any keywords, not even with the URL as a key search term. Even better, they would have leveled some sort of violation charges against me on Yahoo and had my site deleted ...

this whole thing stinks instead of a person or persons who are rivals or personal enemies of mine getting my site constantly reversed on Google by negative SEO experts and spam site creators ... people pasting large amounts of text from my homepage, putting my most popular keywords along with links to my site on numerous shi-tty spam and hate sites I don't know anything about behind my back so that Google goes on penalising me by knocking my site farther and farther down the chain ... they're the kind of bastards that enjoy inflicting a slow and frustrating death while they laugh and mock ...

"Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!"

-- William Butler Yeats
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